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Alternative firmware wishlist

The following list shows some features which would be possible to implement with the new firmware. This list is not complete, neither definitive, feel free to add your own ideas.

  • Show the time of day while playing audio
  • Running the radio without depending on the Reciva databases
  • Support for additional audio codecs (ogg, flac, aacp etc) and network protocols
  • New Feature : play stations that use flash embedded players
  • Better control over audio: equalizer, panning, etc.
  • The Barracuda provides an USB 1.1 Host interface - playing from USB storage device ?
  • Accessibility features, e.g. talking menus for the blind
  • Improvement : Direct access to Alarm and Sleep time settings form keyboard.
  • Improvement : Stable access to Windows share folders, even if the number of files is huge !
  • Improvement : Stable implementation of UPnP .
  • New Feature : Offer the ability to display as a "ticker" the headlines of an RSS flux.
  • New Feature : Embedded webserver to modify the configuration of the radio.
  • New Feature : Checking periodically a pop3 account and display the number of unread mail.
  • Improvement : "my podcast" feature: Possibility to enqueue in the playlist all the files in a podcast.
  • Improvement : Wake up to a radio program.
  • Improvement : Offer the ability to pause a podcast.
  • ... More here ...
  • New feature : Support server side plug-ins on web server - e.g. PHP
  • Improvement : Clock on Display when playing.
  • Improvement : Enable Back button to access the sleep timer control from the playing screen.
  • Improvement : Option to get rid of that Damn infantile 'Real Enabled' banner. - Replace with a clock display?
  • Improvement : Option to choose the wake to any station from 'My Stations' rather than JUST the presets.
  • New Feature : Support for LastFM and Pandora from non US locations
  • New Feature : Add usb memory stick and input station, stream & podcast addresses through the Sharkfin interface.
  • New Feature : An option to import My Stations/streams/podcasts etc from Reciva to safe storage on the device.
  • New Feature : A means of patching the config files through a more user friendly frontend integrated into the Sharkfin browser would be a real leap forward for many - vi is a real headbanger for us not so techy folk! Even being able to use vi from within the browser would be a leap forward.
  • New Feature : Is it possible or practical that a radio button type frontend could be used to create and execute a script on the radio? I am pretty sure that some firmwares write to the config files when they update.
  • New Feature : At the moment, the scroll control on an IR100 is 'dead' while a station is playing. This is a waste, it would be better if it did something (anything). I suggest that scrolling through the stations in My Stuff would be very handy, and indeed is intuitively what it "should" do.
    • I agree with this, as has already been tried, it is supposed to be a volume control, it is beyond me why so many manufacturers prefer the two knob design, as one would presumably cut costs.
    • I would say that the only intuitive thing for this to do would be to rotate through either history or my stations as you suggest, and maybe a mode for adjusting a sleep function when an alarm sounds, turn to the required time and press to set.
    • Firmware v257-a-756-a-186 allows to use the scroll button to browse through the internet stations. (Currently no source available for this version! Has this been fixed for the IR100, too?) --Hp 13:01, 3 January 2009 (CET)
  • Improvement : "snooze" button as a copy of the "back" button (OKANO TR 2608i / Sanyo R227) --Hp 13:01, 3 January 2009 (CET)
  • Improvement : instead of "shift" to select station presets 5-8, use multiple keypresses (seen on Roku SoundBridge) --Hp 13:01, 3 January 2009 (CET)
  • Improvement : more station presets (e.g. 16 instead of 8), selected using multiple keypresses --Hp 13:01, 3 January 2009 (CET)