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The Libreciva dog function provides control of the processor's watchdog timer.

In order to use the library function, you must include the header file:


  1. include "dog.h"


int dog_init() and void dog_exit()

These functions are used to initialise and shut down the watchdog system. dog_init() returns true on success, or false if there was an error accessing the hardware.

Note that dog_exit() simply leaves the watchdog in whatever state it has been set - if you want the dog disabled, you must call dog_disable() before calling dog_exit().

int dog_enable() and int dog_disable()

These functions are used to enable and disable the watchdog. the functions return 0 on success, or -1 if there is an error accessing the hardware.

int dog_isenabled()

This function reports the current enable (true) or disable (false) state of the watchdog. Note that this function simply reports which dog_enable() / dog_disable() function was last called from this application. It is not possible to read the enabled status back from the hardware.

int dog_kick()

This function is used to kick the dog. It returns 0 on success, or -1 if there has been a problem accessing the hardware.