Installing an Ethernet LAN connection

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I've choosen an Ethernet-Lan-Adaptor from Faraloon(NetLINE) [USB10/100 Ethernet Adapter]

It uses a pegasus chip.

Ir100 back.jpg

To add a ethernet adapter:

  • ...

will be continued (;

--Tim 23:02, 5 March 2008 (CET)

Another IR100 was fitted with a Linksys USB100TX ethernet adaptor (released in 1999, £4 inc postage from eBay). This uses the Pegasus chip that works straight out of the box with no modifications to the Reciva firmware (even on ancient 255- firmware). See a list of adaptors with the Pegasus chip.

The ethernet adaptor:




The underside of the board once removed from the case:


The USB wireless adaptor was removed. A USB hub (this one) was plugged in its place and attached to the case with sticky foam pads. Then the case was removed from the USB100TX and it was stuck with pads to the side of the case near the Barracuda board. I used the USB A-B cable supplied with the ethernet adaptor. The USB B plug that plugs into the ethernet adaptor was a bit too long and needed some bending to get it in - having a shorter plug and a shorter cable would have helped.


A hole was made in the back cover, first with a drill then a file, to take the ethernet cable and other holes to show the network status LEDs:


Then the ethernet cable just plugs into the network adaptor (here shown with the case off):


Total cost of modification: about £8.

Caliston 00:32, 13 September 2009 (CEST)