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Hello there,

Whilst you have a very comprehensive guide for windows, it seems that you are left to your own devices in Linux. I have down loaded patchserver and extracted the files. I have patchserver exec but it doesn't seem to do anything when I execute it. My system is Xubunto Karmic Koala. Are theere any specific installation instructions or exec commands?

regards David Smith


I can't find the released patches anywhere...I'm looking to upgrade IR100 so that I can store Listen Again programmes from the BBC on the 5 presets.

Thanks so much, PJ


a) The patches are not stored here, they are Reciva Property, so stored on their webservers. If wanting to patch a Radio, read Enabling Login , read all of it, including the video tutorials and the attached "discussion" page, and then Changing Firmware

b) The Listen-Again doesn't function from the presets (at least not that I am aware of). With unofficial patches, it will function from "My Stuff - My Stations - BBC Radio 2" (or whichever stations you put into "My Stations").

Hope this helps - Nigel

Question : Hi,

I think, there are some points whic might need some additional informations:

General principles for creating apps: How can we create debug and install package ? i guess that it is basically renamed ipkg , but a tutorial would be useful here.

The debug apps: What does it do exactly ? description of the different stages of the test ? On my Logik IR100, the disply is flickering if i launch the test while listening radio. (probably because of the scrolling text of the fourth line). Where can we find the sourcecode for this app , in order to understand how to program the reciva radios ? Thank you in advance, and thanks for the good job !

All source code is available in the SVN repository, including the debug apps. Steve.