Mounting nfs

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To avoid messing around on the internal flash partition, it's a good idea to work on a network drive when playing around. NFS is the de-facto protocol for this.

I experienced some problems with the default NFS options (timeouts, lockups, etc), and some experimentation shows this works quite ok:

 mkdir /tmp/root
 mount -t nfs <server ip>:/tmp/revica/root /tmp/root -o rsize=1024,wsize=1024,soft,nolock

Your mileage might vary.

You can backup your reciva root to nfs with a spell like:

tar -cvf /tmp/root/root.tar /bin /boot /dev /etc /lib /linuxrc /opt /root /sbin /usr /var

we don't use wildcards for tar, because we don't want to recurse across mount points and start tarring up nfs, and busybox tar can't avoid that - so we have to specify all the root folders we want to backup.

My NFS server is an NSLU2 micro-NAS running debian.