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This is perhaps a significant release as it adds transport controls for BBC On Demand WMA streams. This release contains a fix for how the software dealt with the end of an On Demand stream.

A number of changes and updates have also been made to the Media Player since 257-a-865-a-464.

The following text is reproduced from a message posted on the Reciva beta forum regarding changes made to the Media Player in v257-a-865-a-468:

The radio will have two playlists/queues stored in its memory: the live playlist and the media queue.

Live Playlist: This is a list of media files that is automatically generated whenever the user selects a media file. If a media file is selected from an album, then all the other media files belonging to this album will be added to the live playlist and the radio will begin playing them.

If a different media file is selected from a different album, then the live playlist will automatically have its contents replaced with the album associated with the selected media file.

Currently, this live playlist cannot have its contents browsed, but can skip tracks via the SKIP_NEXT/PREVIOUS buttons. The playlist will be able to have its contents browsed in future service packs.

Once the radio has played the last track in the live playlist, the live playlist will be deleted.

Media Queue: This will work in the same way that the radio's previous media queue worked. However, in order to add media files or albums to the queue, it will be necessary to press and hold down SELECT for a few seconds.

The media queue's contents can be browsed via the 'Media Player > Queue' menu item.