10 Sure-Fire Ways to Trash Your Radio

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Your radio is a collection of a large number of programs, all working in a small memory-space. Many of these programs must be running in order to connect to the network. Tampering with your radio can cause it to stop working. There are a number of ways to break it, including ...

  • Deleting the password file
  • Corrupting a configuration file (e.g. passwd, inittab)
  • Installing a program on boot that takes too much memory
  • Deleting critical driver files
  • Formatting / writing over disk partitions
  • Unmounting partitions permanently
  • Deleting critical executables (such as busybox)
  • Deleting or renaming the reciva application (ir)
  • Corrupting the radio's configuration files
  • ... there are plenty more ways to trash your radio ... BE CAREFUL

If you do break your radio, the process of Unbricking is currently being investigated and documented. Consider joining in the effort to discover what is needed to restore your radio. Making_a_backup before tampering might make it easier to unbrick.