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Radios and Hardware Features

The following table summarises each of the radios implementing the Reciva chipset, to try to make it easy to see which radios have what features. Follow the firmware links to find out about the appropriate CODEC support.

To check which firmware is officially available for a given device:

RADIO SP Date SP Version App Version HW ID Look Inside Features
AE Wifi Apr 2007 v257-a-181 v589-a-192 1019 AE Wifi Radio
AE Wifi Nov 2007 v257-a-516-a-055 v589-a-516-a-055 1019 AE Wifi Radio This duplicate entry added as a *WARNING* There are reports on the Reciva forum that this update has broken the networking for some users.
Argon iNet 1 935 WiFi - FM with RDS/RadioText (87.5-108MHZ)

Supported streaming-formats: MP3, WMA (claims to include DRM), AAC, WAV, AIFF, Real Audio Stations Presets: 6 per type. internet and FM Alarm with snooze-function Display can be dimmed Built in telescope antenna (can be removed for an external antenna) Line input for MP3-player or another external source Stereo sound output Connection for headphones External power supply (battery use not an option) RECIVA chipset System requirements for internet radio: broadband connection to the internet (cable or wireless) System requirements for streaming media from the computer: Windows XP, Mac OSX 10.2 or newer Measurements: 20,5 x 13,6 x 9,4 cm (WxHxD) Colour: Cherry, high gloss white, high gloss black

A-Team Technology IR1320 (same as HAMA Tuner) Feb 2008 843? Display: Big LCD display, two line negative mode white characters in blue background,

VA:75mm x 25mm, Clock/Alarm: Included

Network Module: 802.11g and 802.11b compatible + Ethernet Port, Encryption: WEP

Connector: RCA Stereo Out Jack

Supported Audio Files: AAC, AU, MP3, RM, WAV, WMA and M3U

Avox Indio Petite Jan(?) 2010 v257-a-865-407 648 Radio introduced October 2009, available mostly in Germany and neighbouring countries

+Alarms:5 (streams can be selected irrespective of last stream played but volume is the same as that of the last played stream) +Sleep timer +Speaker:1 (8W) +Normal remote +Display 59x35mm, 4 lines of grey text on blue background, separate brightness/contrast controls

+Metadata (track info) display +Headphone jack (rear) +Presets: 5 on radio, 10 on remote +External Power Supply (100-240V AC)

+Ready for subscription services AUPEO! Live365 MP3tunes

+Compatible with Grace Remote Control app for iPhone/iPod Touch

+WEP WPA WPA2 +Measurements 13x17.5x10.5cm +Weight 1kg

-LAN Ethernet RJ45 -RCA Line out jack -AUX In -Battery -FM Radio -USB

Factory shipped firmware unknown (v257-a-865-xxx). Firmware v257-a-865-407 introduced a new menu item "Wireless Standby Power Mode On/Off"; selecting "off" also removes power from amplifier in standby, resulting in further energy savings.

Similar to Grace GDI-IRD4000 Allegro, though without rechargeable batteries

BT Internet Radio v255-c-117 v583-a-068 1003 BT Internet Radio +Alarm +Speakers:2 +Presets:12 + External Mains to 7.5v DC adaptor +Headphone-out.

Bush TR2015WIFI v255-c-106 v583-a-057-a-005 1006 (7bee) Bush TR2015

+Alarm +Speakers:1 +Presets:10 +Mains -Battery -Remote -Aux-In +Headphone-out

E.M.S. Internet Radio IR01 v257-a-615-a-095 v589-a-788-a-097 785 (7f11)

Clone of Bush TR2015WIFI

Grace/Intellitouch ITC-IR1000B v257-a-756-a-030 v589-a-950-a-034 877 +Power: Internal 120v, 60hz (hardwired cord) +Alarms:5 +Speakers:1 +Stereo +Text_Display_4_line +Track_info_on_4th_line +Headphone_jack +External_antenna +Presets:5 . What it doesn't have: -Battery -Aux_in -Remote -FM_Tuner -Sleep_timer -Snooze -LAN:RJ45.
Hama Wireless Lan Internet Radio ? v257-a-615-a-047-a-005 v589-a-788-a-054-a-004 800 (7320) +LAN +WLAN +Remote (same as DNT IPDIO Mini)

+Line Out +Headphone Out (Front) +Separate stereo speaker +6 buttons (3 presets), 1 wheel

Hama Wireless Lan Internet Tuner Aug 2008 v257-a-615-a-164 v589-a-788-a-160 775 (7f07) +LAN +WLAN +Remote

IMP Magicbox v257-a-181 v589-a-192 1019 IMP Magicbox
IMP Adaptor v257-a-181 v589-a-192 1018
Intempo GX-01 257-a-421-a-057 v589-a-516-a-076 761 (7af9) Display: 3 line negative mode white characters on blue background plus 4th row with icons for e.g. signal strength and alarm set,

+Alarm:1 (5 with later firmware) with sleep timer +Speakers:1 +Remote +Presets:3 (99 on remote) +Headphone-out (stereo) +TrackInfo (metadata) on 3rd line of display, +WLAN +LAN:RJ45 +USB socket:plays audio files on USB media.

Doesn't have: -Battery -Aux-In -FM Radio

Dimensions: 230 x 135 x 135 (mm)

Intempo GX-01 257-a-421-a-019 v589-a-516-a-027 985 Same features as 761 version above. This is an earlier release of the GX01 which has an audible clicking when used with WiFi. For the later release (761), the amplifier chip was changed and the power/amp circuit board modified slightly.
IPdio Mar 2008 257-a-615-a-075 v589-a-788-a-082 962 +5 Alarms +Speakers:1 +Presets:5 +Mains -Battery -Remote -Aux-In +Headphone-out +TrackInfo. ( Would appear to be similar to Logik IR-100, though with more recent firmware and improved WiFi card ).
IPdio white (Tchibo) Apr 2008 257-a-421-a-086 v589-a-516-a-112 830 +5 Alarms +Speakers:1 +Presets:5 +Mains -Battery -Remote -Aux-In +Headphone-out +TrackInfo. (Would appear to be similar to Logik IR-100, though with more recent firmware and improved WiFi card.).
IPdio mini Jan 2008 v257-a-421-a-064-a-003 v589-a-516-a-087-a-003 824 IPdio mini +Alarm +Speakers:1 +Presets:3 -Mains -Battery +Remote +Stereo Line Out +Headphone-out.
IPdio mini pro Aug 2008 v257-a-615-a-047-a-007 (#1) v589-a-788-a-054-a-006 (#1) 805 (7725) (#1) +FM radio +5 Alarm +Speakers:1 +Presets:3 -Mains -Battery +Remote +Stereo Line Out +Headphone-out +LAN + WLAN

IPdio Style Aug 2008 v257-a-756-a-122 v589-a-950-a-221 752 +5 Alarm +Speakers:2 (Stereo) +Presets: 20 on remote -Battery +Remote +Aux In +Headphone-out +LAN + WLAN +Graphic Display b/w
IPdio Clock Sep 2008 v257-a-756-a-168 v589-a-950-a-185 754 +5 Alarms +Speakers:1 +Presets:3 (5 on remote) +Remote -Battery -Aux-In +Headphone-out +TrackInfo +WLAN.
Jaycar YN8069 v257-a-297-a-015 v589-a-340-a-014 968* Jaycar_YN8069 +Alarm +Speakers:1 +Presets:5 +Mains +Headphone-out *The config.txt file for this hardware ID looks to 1012 for all its info, i.e. this machine looks to be identical to an IR100
Jaycar YN8079 v257-a-421-a-036 v589-a-516-a-048 838 -Alarm +Speakers:0 +Presets:5 +Mains -Battery +Remote +Line-out +Headphone-out (Main PCB board IR615A4.PCB, looks like Logik IRMA 1)

see Hip Shing

Logik IR100 Apr 2008 257-a-615-a-087 v589-a-516-a-076 1012 IR100 +Alarm +Speakers:1 +Presets:5 +Mains -Battery -Remote -Aux-In +Headphone-out. (Firmware update was released April 2008, follow-on from firmware of Jan 2008)
Logik IRMA1 Nov 2007 257-a-421-a-057 v589-a-516-a-076 997 -Alarm +Speakers:0 +Presets:5 +Mains -Battery +Remote -Aux-In +Line-out +Headphone-out
Morphy Richards 27025 v257-a-232 v589-a-249 1009 External connections: +Stereo headphone socket +Speaker connection +Analog line out +Analog line in; SD card slot (Note: in sales literature you may see that the 27025 can record onto a SD card. This function is not available in the current firmware) +6 presets +2.5w RMS mono speaker; there is a IR port on the front of the radio but no remote control is supplied with this radio.

This radio has a problem with stray 802.11n networks which will prevent the radio from connecting to a network. Users will have to replace the USB Wi-Fi adaptor inside the radio. Instructions to do so at tghe-retford's user page or the Reciva Forums.
Okano TR2608i Factory, Dec 2008 v257-a-756-a-186 749 (7aed) Sanyo R227 clone, sold in Germany by Karstadt
Olympia WebRadio 100 v257-a-538-a-028 v589-a-690-a-040 827 (7b3b)
Oxx Alto [1] v257-a-421-a-025 v589-a-249-a-003 930 +Alarm +Speakers:1 +Presets:10 +Mains -Battery -Remote -Aux-In +Headphone-out
Oxx Tube v257-a-421-a-025 +Alarm +Speakers:2 +Presets:10 +Mains ?Battery +Remote +Aux-In +Headphone-out
Renkforce MX100i v257-a-756-a-030 Sold exclusively by Conrad in Europe, reciva based, bedside design, 5 alarms, sleep timer, remote controller, headphone-out
Revo Blik WiFi v257-a-421-a-025 v589-a-516-a-35 926 FM + Internet Radio bedside radio design, (do not confuse with Revo Blik Radiostation which shares same plastic case but different electronics). It uses the master/slave functionality, i.e. lcd display, fm radio, keys, (alarm) clock are not controlled by the Barracuda module itself and work even if Barracuda module is removed.
Revo Blik RadioStation FM + DAB + Internet Radio. IMPORTANT Not Reciva based, uses Frontier Silicon chips. (do not confuse with Revo Blik WiFi, which shares same plastic case but uses different electronics).
Revo Mondo WiFi v257-a-421-a-091 v589-a-516-a-116 936 internet radio + Headphone connector + stereo cinch output for HIFI + infra-red remote control + Digital alarm clock with snooze feature
Revo Pico WiFi v257-a-421-a-057 v589-a-516-a-076 1013 +Rechargeable Battery +M-Port(for iPod) +splash proof +FM radio +remote control
Roberts WM-201 v257-a-297-a-007 v589-a-340-a-006 983 +Alarm:4 +Speakers:2 +Presets:12 +Mains +Remote +Aux-In +Line-out +FLAC. [New firmware v257-a-756-a-164 issued Sept.2008; v257-a-756-a-164-a-002 - October 2008. New and additional features, see .pdf file at for full details.]
Sangean WFR-20 v257-a-297-a-032 v589-a-340-a-037 984 Similar to Roberts WM-201, Has US power supply (Roberts unit has 230 volt supply for UK/Europe) [New firmware v257-a-756-a-164-a-002 available as of November 2008.]
Sanyo R227 Factory, Nov, 2008 v257-a-756-a-152 V589-a-950-a-168 870 Similar to ???. +Power: Internal 100-240v, 50-60hz (replaceable cord) +Alarms:2 +Snooze +Sleep timer +Speakers:2 +Stereo +IR_Remote +Graphical_Display +Track_info_on_3rd_line +Aux_in +Line_out +Headphone_jack +LAN:RJ45 +Internal_antenna +Presets: 8 +FM_Radio_Tuner. Does not have a battery inside, but has almost everything else for features. Introduced in Canada Nov, 2008; one retailer will ship to USA: Power should work in other countries: Power cord plugs into back of unit with a standard figure-8 shaped female plug on the cord.
Scitec IR-001W
Scott RXi 300 WL An IR-100 clone, no information on firmware or wifi card status
Strong SRT1000WR



Another IR-100 clone, available in France, see Hipshing

Implement another menu item: Stations/TopSelection/<NRJ stations> (TopSelection is controlled by NRJ) and NRJ Presets

Tangent Quattro 257-a-865-a-197-a-002 v600-a-311-a-274 989 +Alarm:5 +Speakers:1 +Presets:5 +Mains -Remote +headphone-out +Aux-In +Line-out
Tangent Quattro MKII v257-a-865-a-197-a-002 v600-a-311-a-274 931 +FM radio +Alarm:5 +Speakers:1 +Presets:5 +Mains +Ethernet -Remote +headphone-out +Aux-In +Line-out
Tevion 257-a-421-a-025 926 Tevion +Speakers:2 +Mains -Battery +FMTuner +Presets:10 +HeadphoneOut +DisplayLines:2 +Alarm:2

(This is a 3-in-1 device: Clock / Internet Radio / FM Radio. As Clock/Alarm is not the one built into the Reciva module, you can wake up to either FM or Internet. However, you always get the last station listened to, and cannot select which. Also, clock cannot sync to internet time, and you must set it yourself.).

Vistron MX-200i 257-a-421-a-064 825 Vistron MX-200i similar to IPdio mini +Alarm +Speakers:1 +Presets:3 -Mains +Remote +Headphone-out.
ZOOMER Z-WIR-F 100 Aug 2008 v257-a-615-a-047 v589-a-788-a-054 801 (7321) +FM radio +5 Alarm +Speakers:2 +Presets:3 -Mains -Battery +Remote +Stereo Line Out +Headphone-out +LAN + WLAN

#1 IPdio mini pro Firmware Update was a Firmware Downgrade!

SP Version App Version Hardware ID
v257-a-615-a-047-a-011 v589-a-788-a-054-a-009 805 (7325)

Firmware Compatibility

This section provides a matrix of firmware versions vs radio providers, and indicates which ones have been tried with which.

Unknown.jpg Failed.jpg Official.jpg OldOfficial.jpg Success.jpg
Unknown Incompatible Official Release Prev Official Release Success

Beta Patch

Please see BetaFirmware

Sharpfin Patch

The sharpfin patch has been successfully applied on the following radios -

Radio Patch Success Who
AE Success.jpg
Argon Inet Success.jpg
BT Internet Radio Success.jpg bill888
BUSH TR2015 Success.jpg #1 musojon74
E.M.S IR01 Success.jpg #1 AndreR
Grace ITC-IR1000B Success.jpg
Hama Wireless Internet Radio Success.jpg Karlkloss
Hama Wireless LAN Internet Tuner Success.jpg AndreR
Intempo GX-01 Success.jpg Hovis
Ipdio Success.jpg Hanz
Ipdio Mini Success.jpg marcZer0
Ipdio Mini pro Success.jpg wolfgang
Ipdio Style Success.jpg gforums
Ipdio White (Tchibo) Success.jpg hammerhead
Ipdio Clock Success.jpg PeterPan
IR100 Success.jpg trumpton,Max,Rfcvb72
IRMA1 Success.jpg trumpton
Magicbox Imp Success.jpg
Magicbox Imp Adapt Success.jpg
Morphy Richards 27025 Success.jpg tghe-retford
Ministry of Sound MOSAC150 Success.jpg Hovis
Okano TR2608i Success.jpg AndreR
Olympia Web Radio 100 Success.jpg fex
Revo Mondo Success.jpg erinues
Revo Pico Success.jpg #2 Goldstien
Roberts WM-201 Success.jpg #3 Dicko
Sangean WFR-20 Success.jpg horizon
Sanyo R227 Success.jpg #4 Allan_vancouver
Strong SRT1000WR Success.jpg Lab34
Tangent Quattro Success.jpg Benneton (MKII)
Tevion 5404 Success.jpg #2 trumpton
Vistron MX-200i Success.jpg castalla
#1 - The contrast on the lcd display was very low while installing the patch
#2 - The LCD text did NOT show during update, however the patch and update worked OK
#3 - Bug in standard firmware means that the debug partition gets reinitialised on every reboot
     so all the web server files get wiped out. 
     See Talk:Enabling_Login#No_web_server_on_Roberts_WM201 for details.
#4 - Test patch did not display anything, but full patch installed OK.

Firmware Release Dates

255 Series Firmware

Radio 255-c-106 255-c-117 255-c-133 255-c-187 257-a-181 257-a-232 Who
BT Internet Radio Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg
IR100 Official.jpg 133 - caliston
Strong SRT1000WR Official.jpg

257-a-297 Series Firmware

Radio v257-a-297-a-007 v257-a-297-a-027 v257-a-297-a-032 who
AE Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg
IR100 Success.jpg Success.jpg Unknown.jpg 007 - rdk

027 - trumpton, netstruggler, m0aur

IRMA1 Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg

257-a-421 Series Firmware

Radio 257-a-421-a-025 257-a-421-a-057 257-a-421-a-064 257-a-421-a-077 257-a-421-a-080 257-a-421-a-091 Who
AE Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg Success.jpg Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg 077 - expectingtofly

077 - paga #2

Magicbox Imp Adapt Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg Success.jpg Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg 077 M0aur.
IR100 Unknown.jpg OldOfficial.jpg Success.jpg #1 Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg Success.jpg 064 - M0AUR

091 - Simbo99, m0aur, Max, Rfcvb72

IRMA1 Unknown.jpg Success.jpg Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg Success.jpg 057 - trumpton, skmorgan1944, stefan_k_s

091 - Simbo99, trumpton

Tangent Quattro Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg Success.jpg Unknown.jpg Success.jpg 077 - m0aur, 091 - m0aur
Revo Blik Unknown.jpg Success.jpg Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg 057 - wema
Revo Pico Unknown.jpg Official.jpg Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg 057 - JdQ
Revo Mondo Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg OldOfficial.jpg Official.jpg 080, 091 - JdQ
#1 M0AUR - Some port 80 problems with fixed IP Address
#2 The firmware installed OK but no sharpfin webserver or telnet access after. Everything else OK

257-a-615 Series Firmware

Radio 257-a-615-a-075 #1 257-a-615-a-076 257-a-615-a-083 257-a-615-a-087 Who
IPdio Official.jpg Unknown.jpg Success.jpg 087 - Hanz
IPdio Mini Official.jpg 083 - fex
IR100 Unknown.jpg Success.jpg Official.jpg 075 - m0aur, Rfcvb72, 076 - trumpton, Max
IRMA1 Unknown.jpg Success.jpg Success.jpg 076, 087 - trumpton
Jaycar YN8069 Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg Success.jpg 087 - gavin
Tangent Quattro Success.jpg Unknown.jpg Success.jpg 075 - m0aur 087 m0aur, 087 Benneton
Tevion Success.jpg Success.jpg Success.jpg 075, 076, 087 - trumpton
#1 - Note 075 firmware appears to have been withdrawn

257-a-744 Series Firmware

Radio 257-a-744 Who
Bush TR2015 Success.jpg #1 jlb
Vistron MX-200i Unknown.jpg #2 castalla
#1 - This is probably the same software that was briefly made available via the Reciva 
     site as a beta release. This entry is to confirm that the upgrade has also been applied 
     to this radio using the Sharpfin process.
#2 - Radio and patchserver reported upgrade in progress. On reboot, previous 257-a-756-a-030
     firmware still in place.  No change.
     2nd atttempt also failed - radio reports downloading.
     Failed to install.

257-a-756 Series Firmware

Radio 257-a-756-a-008 257-a-756-a-030 257-a-756-a-122 257-a-756-a-152 257-a-756-a-164 257-a-756-a-164-a-002 257-a-756-a-168 #5 257-a-756-a-183 #6 257-a-756-a-186 257-a-756-a-189 #6 257-a-756-a-199 #6 257-a-756-a-205 #8 257-a-756-a-212 257-a-756-a-238 Who
AE Wifi Success.jpg 030 - tom

030 - paga #2

BT Internet Radio Success.jpg 030 - bill888
Bush TR2015WIFI Success.jpg Official.jpg 030 - musojon74
Grace ITC-IR1000B Official.jpg robin
Intempo GX-01 Success.jpg Success.jpg #17 238 - Hovis
IPdio Success.jpg Success.jpg#14 030 - Hanz

238 - gforums

IPdio Mini Success.jpg 030 - fex
IPDio Style Official.jpg Success.jpg Success.jpg Success.jpg Success.jpg #12 Success.jpg 122 - gforums

183, 199, 205, 212, 238 - kom

Logik IR100 Success.jpg #3 Success.jpg#4 Success.jpg Success.jpg Success.jpg Success.jpg #16 030 - TheRookie

183/189/199 - Boffin, Sorg 205 - gforums, 238 - Hovis

Logik IRMA1 Success.jpg #18 199 - drgeoff
MagicBox - The IMP Success.jpg #1, #2 imp_de
Morphy Richards 27025 Success.jpg #15 tghe-retford
Okano - TR2608i Official.jpg 186 - hp

(looks like Sanyo R227)

Olympia WebRadio 100 Official.jpg kd
Revo Pico Success.jpg #1 Success.jpg #1 Success.jpg #1 030 - Goldstien

164-a-002, 238 - JdQ

Revo Mondo Success.jpg Success.jpg 164-a-002 erinues

238 - JdQ

Roberts WM-201 OldOfficial.jpg Official.jpg Roberts WM-201 Firmware Update; New WM-201 firmware update
Sangean - WFR-20 Success.jpg Official.jpg #10 164 - horizon
Sanyo - R227 Official.jpg
Strong - SRT1000WR Success.jpg #13 205 - lab34
Vistron MX-200i Success.jpg Success.jpg #7 Success.jpg #9 Success.jpg #11 castalla

#1 - The firmware installed OK but no sharpfin webserver or telnet access after. 
     Everything else OK (this is normal, as entire firmware including sharpfin patch 
     is overwritten, trumpton)
#2 - Required factory reset; login to NAS server (FSC StorageBird) failed afterwards
#3 - WiFi is not disabled in Standby mode (can still access webserver), but no humming 
     on IR100. Config file change required for WiFi to be disabled. 
     The smbmount does not accept IP addresses anymore; must use server name instead.
#4 - 2 radios working fine.
#5 - Firmware IPdio Clock
#6 - possible Beta Version.
     Adds support for SmartPlug enabled radios via Davicom DM9601.
#7 - Sharpfin patch doesn't work correctly - File explorer locks up forcing a reboot
#8 - Firmware Update Tchibo Internet-Radio (ID 830)
#9 - Rearranged config files eliminates Search menu option available in previous firmware.
#10- On Sangean WFR-20 most new features are not enabled which are available on Roberts WM201: 
     no Search function, no capability to save stations to My Stations using Reply button, 
     no increase of the number of alarms (8 on Roberts, 4 on Sangean), etc. 
#11- No Search feature.  Connectivity seems improved.
#12- Search feature working. Can't notice connectivity improvements. 
#13- Everything OK, but the radio lose the supplementary menu item Top Selection (NRJ Group radio stations favorites, and presets)
#14- Whats this firmware good for? No one else tried it yet? Put it on the radio and works...
#15- Some features that are in other radios are missing, including those in note #10, and only two alarms are available.
#16- Firmware works fine on IR100 but have been unable to make clock-in-status-line work (can't get anything in status (4th) line).
#17- Works fine on Intempo GX-01 and clock-in-status-line works (set status-line-clock-position to 44).
     Minor problem - when a menu pops down, part of the clock is temporarily blanked out for a few seconds.
#18- Enhancement Pack 1.7 works.

257-a-865 Series Firmware

Installing this firmware will effectively end the possibility of using the Sharpfin process on the radio. It is not possible to install the base files once this version of the firmware has been installed. There is no existing method of reverting to previous firmware.(castalla)
Note: It appears that later versions of this firmware may allow Sharpfin (castalla)
For me, sharpfin did work! See the post [2] in the google sharpfin groups for more infos! (gforums)
I also managed to install sharpfin on ipdio style with firmware 257-a-865-a-118 as described by gforums (kom)
I managed to put sharpfin back on a Vistron MX-200i after updating to 257-a-865-a-118 but did not have to use gforums' method described above. I just used the standard instructions and it worked first time. (alexmorris - 2009-02-27)
Same with ipdio mini. Installing sharpfin worked with the standard procedure. (kom)
And again, this time with the Logik IR100. (alexmorris - 2009-03-05)
Needed my method again on my logik to install newest firmware and sharpfin...however, it still works. (gforums, may 16th )

Radio 257-a-865-a-040 257-a-865-a-094 257-a-865-a-118 257-a-865-a-197 257-a-865-a-220 257-a-865-a-258 257-a-865-a-269 257-a-865-a-281 257-a-865-a-289 v257-a-865-a-289-a-002 257-a-865-a-337 257-a-865-a-349 257-a-865-a-381 257-a-865-a-400 257-a-865-a-407 257-a-865-a-421 257-a-865-a-456 257-a-865-a-476 Who
Argon iNet1 Success.jpg Lie (476)

BT Internet Radio Success.jpg Success.jpg #15 PeteBest (400), bill888 (476)
Bush TR2015WIFI Success.jpg #9 Success.jpg #10 Success.jpg #14 Hovis (220,349,400)
E.M.S. Internet Radio IR01 Success.jpg #10 Success.jpg #10 AndreR
Grace ITC-IR1000B Official.jpg Success.jpg allan_vancouver

Grace Forum Reciva Forum

Logik IR100 Success.jpg#1 Success.jpg#3 Success.jpg#4 Success.jpg Success.jpg#7 Success.jpg#7 Success.jpg#13 Success.jpg#13 Success.jpg#13 alexmorris (118,349,400,421,456), Hovis (220,281,349,400), gforums (220), Boffin (281), sebw (476)
Logik IRMA1 Success.jpg#13 drgeoff (476)
AE WiFi Official.jpg Success.jpg Success.jpg Gary63,RedRecidivist (281,421)
IMP Success.jpg #7 castalla
IMP Adapt Success.jpg #13, #16 drgeoff (476)
ipdio clock Success.jpg Success.jpg Success.jpg Success.jpg count0
ipdio style Success.jpg Success.jpg #7 kom
ipdio mini Success.jpg kom
ipdio mini pro Success.jpg #4 Success.jpg #4 Success.jpg Success.jpg Success.jpg Success.jpg Success.jpg Success.jpg Success.jpg Success.jpg#12 Success.jpg#12 Success.jpg#12 Success.jpg#15 wolfgang,KingRalph(281,289,337,349,381,400,407,421,456,476)
Vistron MX-200i Success.jpg #2 Success.jpg #6 Success.jpg #7 Success.jpg #7 Success.jpg #7 Success.jpg #7 Success.jpg #13, #17 alexmorris (118,349,400), castalla (269) (337), drgeoff (476)
Intempo GX-01 Success.jpg Success.jpg#4 Success.jpg#7 Success.jpg#7 jlb (118), Hovis (220,349,400)
Tangent Quattro MKI Official.jpg vladare(-a-002)
Tangent Quattro MKII Official.jpg Success.jpg PaulWebster (-a-002), Sundgaard (476)
Hama Wireless LAN Internet Radio Success.jpg #5 Success.jpg karlkloss
Hama Wireless LAN Internet Tuner Success.jpg #7 Success.jpg #13 / #15 AndreR
Ministry of Sound MOSAC150 Success.jpg Hovis (269)
Revo Pico Success.jpg Lutin
Morphy Richards 27025 Success.jpg Success.jpg Success.jpg Success.jpg Success.jpg tghe-retford
Okano TR2608i Success.jpg #13 AndreR
STRONG SRT1000WR Success.jpg #8 lab34 (289)
Sangean WFR-20 Official.jpg #11 Skyrover
#1 - Sharpfin works. See thread on google groups! UPNP control with Cidero UPNP Media Controller works very well now.
#2 - The order of playback controls on the unit has been changed. The Play/Pause/Stop button has become Previous, and
     the Previous button has become Play/Pause/Stop. From top to bottom they are now Previous, Play/Pause/Stop, Next.
     The remote control buttons have not changed.
     Additionally, this firmware update fills up the storage once sharpfin base patch is installed.
#3 - Unlike the Vistron MX-200i, this update does not alter the order of the unit's playback controls. However, it
     still fills up the storage once the sharpfin base patch is installed.
#4 - 'Radio Info' on the Sharpfin web server doesn't work.
     Fix: Edit /opt/webserver/cgi-bin/admin_Info_Radio_Info.cgi and add these 2 lines at the very top:
#5 - Sharpfin works. Enhancement Pack 1.5 works. Firmware downloads to wrong folder. Preset manager works only   
     for presets 1-20. Mute key on remote control doesn't work.
#6 - Enhancement Pack 1.6 works.
#7 - Enhancement Pack 1.6 works.
#8 - lab34: strong srt1000wr is a clone of logik ir100 except of the hwid 961 and the supplementary menu item 
     Top Selection (NRJ Group radio stations favorites, and presets). I had lost this menu item with 257-a-756-a-205,
     but it re-appears with 257-a-865-a-289.
#9 - Enhancement Pack 1.6 locked up the display at the startup text. 
     Radio appeared to function but display did not update.  Boardswap into Logik and reinstall of firmware fixed it.  
     Recommend not installing Enhancement Pack 1.6 on this radio. 
#10- Enhancement pack UNTESTED on this radio/firmware
#11- Support for Pandora, live365, Aupeo:
     Enables sub-folders in My Stations and My Streams, Reply button menu; 8 alarm clock settings.
     Still no station search; no My History; no stations listing by location->genre, genre->location.
#12- Enhancement Pack 1.7 works.
#13- Enhancement Pack 2.0 works.
#14- Enhancement pack 2.0 doesn't work.  (radio hangs on first screen when booting)
#15- Sharpfin base patch firmware backup function doesn't work. (It appears this FW deletes the nanddump utility)
#16- If display has poor contrast see Reciva forum (beta forum access required).
#17- Two buttons on the front panel are transposed.  See [3] (beta forum access required) for details and fix.